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Hotel Taghaghien Island Eco Island

Siwa Oasis Western Desert,, Siwa 00202 (Egipto)

Descrição do hotel

The Island area is 38000 m2 in the great lake of Siwa , It has its own road lake its 2 km long and 9m wide. There is a SPRING in the middle its 504m and 4m depth also there are 400 fruitful palms. Around the island a lot of mountains and green field and 5 other islands RODES SHOSHA MIDDLE STONIE BIUOT ALEXANDER STONE, all island at the SAFETY LAND CO. A good hotel at reasonable prices stunning views and peaceful surroundings. If you are thinking of visiting Siwa, you are a special kind of person and definitely not the kind who favors package tours, sun, fun and discos.

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